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Chilean-style Juan Fernández lobster (More a Tierra)

Chilean-style Juan Fernández lobster (More a Tierra)

Today we cook a recipe with a unique product in the world, a species endemic to our country and an essential part of the ancestral diet (central zone). Desired for its nobility and exquisite flavor. Popular in high-level Marine Gastronomy, being one of the most exported marine products to Europe, conquering the most refined palates internationally with our products. The way of preparing it has evolved in different cultures and methods of preparation with different spices and aromatic herbs from the area. This recipe will be prepared Chilean style, rescuing its ancestral essence along with the fresh and natural ingredients of our country such as the Juan Fernandez Lobster that comes to KILOMAR.

Recipe for 5 People:

Ingredients to make Chilean Sea Lobster (Chori Müna kümey):

Sea salt
50gr. Southern Butter
1 Clove of Chilean garlic (The purple ones)
1 glass of Chicha (Grape or Apple) or White Wine
1 splash virgin olive oil (Natural)
1 branch chard
1 red paprika
Callampas 300G
Merken (to taste)
2 Juan Fernandez Lobster
200gr. mashed potatoes with pumpkin (Charquicán type)

How to prepare Lobster:

    • Place the lobster in a pot of hot water with sea salt, vinegar, and bay leaf, completely covering them for 10 minutes.
    • Remove it from the Pot.
    • On a wooden board, open the lobster in half (remove the gut) and cut the legs (to use in the sauce).

The sauce:

    • Meanwhile, in another pot, add the butter, chives and legs. After a few minutes, pour the glass of Chicha and let it cook over low heat, stirring occasionally.

We continue with the Lobster:

    • In a frying pan with olive oil, fry the inevitable Chilean Garlic over low heat, then add the lobster and try to seal it on both sides until golden, add the callampas, chopped onion and paprika.
    • Remove the lobster and serve it on a plate, pour the sauce on top, accompany it with mashed potatoes or pumpkin

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